Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Dallas/Fort Worth TX

Among the modern upgrades you might make to your home, whole home water filtration may be one of the most beneficial for your health, comfort, and environmental footprint. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, whole home water filtration is particularly important, because local water treatment facilities must rely on chemical treatments like chlorine to produce enough water for a rapidly growing population. With help from Water Event, you can minimize concerns about the safety of your water and promote more efficient water use at home by investing in a whole home filtration system installed by our licensed experts. Keep reading to discover what you have to gain by calling us to discuss your residential water needs.

Understanding What’s in Your Tap Water

Many people are sensitive to the taste of tap water, because it often contains ammonia, chlorine, and a number of other chemicals that create impure flavors in the water. While you may have a filtration system in place for your drinking water or you rely on bottled water to consume at home, you might not think about the damaging effects that chemically treated water can have on your skin when you shower or on your dishes when you clean them.

Investing in a Whole Home Filtration System

A whole home filtration system can ensure that water coming from any source in your house is clean and pure. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of cleaner water for as long as you own the house, but you can also expect your home to be worth more as a result of your investment.

  • Water testing – Before you have anything installed, you’ll want to test your home’s water to see exactly what is in it. Homes in different areas throughout the Dallas metro region may have water treated at different local facilities, so the concerns are not the same for every homeowner.
  • Choosing a filtration method – Once one of our professionals has assessed your needs, we can recommend a system that will be the most efficient for your home. Choices may include sediment systems, chemical filters, and water softeners, which can all improve the feel and taste of your tap water. A triple treatment system will incorporate each of these elements and ensure optimal safety and comfort for years to come.

To schedule your in-home consultation for whole home water filtration, call Water Event today at (469) 754-1752. We provide service throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with a team fully trained and licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.