New Year’s Resolution: Stay Hydrated!

Although we’re already into February, you’ve still got plenty of time to set a New Year’s Resolution (or add one to your list)! Because staying hydrated is so important to maintaining good health and everyday function, consider making it a goal to drink more water in 2017. Proper hydration can help to improve your mood, curb unnecessary cravings, keep your skin moisturized, and even reduce the risk of colon cancer.1

Tips for Drinking More Water

There are a few simple ways to increase your water intake this year:

  1. Make a tasty infusion by adding fruit to your water for natural flavoring. Things like berries, lemon slices, and mint can give your water a flavorful boost (and even add health benefits).2
  2. Get in the habit of taking water with you everywhere. Stock up on bottled water or get a reusable bottle with a nice design that’s easy to tote around.
  3. Remember that fruits and veggies are also great sources of water! Your intake doesn’t have to be 100% liquid.
  4. Set reminders on your phone if you tend to forget.

It’s Easy to Drink Water When It Tastes Great!

If you have trouble drinking enough water because it just doesn’t taste good from the tap, adding a water filtration system to your home can help. At Water Event Pure Water Solutions, we offer a variety of filtration systems, bottled water, water coolers, and other products to help you stay hydrated. Call us at (972) 488-8100 to talk with one of our experts today!