Untamed Since 1871

Bottled at the same uniquely untamed, natural spring for more than 145 years; our commitment to keeping it pure has never wavered.  The Mountain Valley Spring Water, fine and distinct in it’s taste, rises naturally to the surface where it is bottled – untouched – to this day.  The Ouachita Mountain range epitomizes the beauty of nature untamed in America. Forming the tallest continuous mountain range between the Appalachians and the Rockies. Deep within the crisscrossed valleys, you might come across our Spring.  Located in the heart of this pristine wilderness, is The Mountain Valley Spring.  We are an independently owned company, made up of great people who are very passionate about this water and sharing it with America. In fact, since 1871, The Mountain Valley Spring has been doing just that.


Unequaled in Taste

The Mountain Valley never adds any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colorant. Many discerning customers have known for a long time that our 7.8 pH, a measure of the naturally occurring high alkalinity in our spring water, helps offset the stress of modern acidic diets. Our spring water offerings are available in a variety of sizes including the iconic green glass, or convenient lightweight plastic bottles, as well as our most preferred home delivery options in large elegant 5 gallon or 2.5 gallon cooler bottles.