Bottle Free Water Systems in Dallas/Fort Worth TX


With our bottle-free water solutions you can enjoy a continuous supply of purified drinking water with many benefits and conveniences, including….


  •      No MORE BIG Bottles
  •      No HEAVY Lifting
  •      No Spilling
  •      No Storage ISSUES
  •      No Running out of DRINKING water
  •      No fluctuating costs and simple billing

Our bottle-free coolers are equipped with ultraviolet (UV) in-tank disinfection which helps to control contamination like you might see in “open systems” such as standard bottled water coolers.

Water Event offers Bottle-Free coolers with several filtration options including: reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration and carbon/sediment filtration.  Choose from Floor-Standing or Countertop Models depending upon your needs and available space.

No hassles! No bottles! Low Fixed Price!!!


Bottle Free Water Systems