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AquaViBox provides the fresh, pure taste of water, without the water bottle. AquaViBox is a single use, ultra-clean and eco-friendly packaging solution offering convenience and safety. It can be used alone at room temperature or connected to refrigerated systems.

• AquaViBox is perfect for home, business, office use, emergency storage, bulk distribution in disaster situations, humanitarian relief and anywhere local potable water sources are compromised. For existing Water Bottle Coolers, AquaViBox conversion kits are available for top load and bottom load coolers.

• AquaViBox makes packaged water affordable in a sustainable format, in three sizes: 10L, 15L, 20L. The bag and box are completely recyclable.

• There is a large range of water dispensers for AquaViBox, suitable for home and office use. We provide AquaViBox applications that can be perfectly integrated into different types of dispensers. This concept is practical, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

• AquaViBox products are easy and quick to replace, so there is no need for maintenance, no contamination risk, and no wasted space. Unlike polycarbonate containers, there is no need to worry about returning empty packages and cleaning is not required. In addition, the refrigerated storage of AquaViBox inside the dispenser systems saves space.

• Water is protected from light and air during the entire storage period, thus avoiding risk of bacterial contamination.

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